TransTape 3” Roll (with nipple guards)

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TransTape is body tape that can be used as an alternative to binders and gaffs or as an addition to packers and gaffs.

TransTape is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex with a hypoallergenic medical grade acrylic adhesive that is latex free and non-medicated.

Available in 4 skin tones!

Also available in 3 sizes: Small 3 inch, Medium 4 inch & Large 5 inch (if unsure which size then maybe get large size and cut down).  Each includes a starter set of nipple guards (5 pairs 6cm, 5 pairs 8cm) in same skin tone.

Rolls are 16.5ft in length and can last for 1-3 months depending on activity level, and how often you need to change your tape. Average use will typically last 2 months  
TransTape is waterproof and sweatproof meaning it can be worn in the shower, the pool and even in the ocean! 
Rolls are UNCUT! meaning less wasted product and money! They are free of logos and advertising and are made of a matte material, resulting in a more natural-looking chest. 
TransTape does not compress the body, lungs or organs. It is intended for multiple day use. Please see TransTape website for detailed guides about how to use for binding, packing and tucking.  Please remember to do a test strip before application
Do NOT wrap TransTape all the way around your torso, only apply from the sternum to under the armpit

Download the TransTape Manual And for more information including application and removal please check out the TransTape website  - I also stock additional TransTape products - their Jojoba oil and Repair Salve and extra Nipple Guards.

WARNING: Improper use of TransTape can cause adverse short and long-term side effects. It is safest when used correctly. Please read all instructions before application or contact us for more information. TransTape should not be used on broken or open skin. Doing so may cause additional irritation, blisters, and open sores which could lead to infection if not properly treated. Consult a doctor if you experience any signs of infection including fevers, chills, discharge, or vomiting. TransTape should never be fully wrapped around the torso, please refer to application video and inserts. Rare but possible signs of rib deformity include shortness of breath, chest pain, or abnormal breathing. Please cease use and contact your physician if you experience any of these symptoms

WE DO NOT accept returns, exchanges or provide refunds on this product unless there is a fault with the product or it is unopened and unused.