Wearing a binder

For some transgender and non-binary people, wearing a binder can be a useful tool to deal with gender dysphoria.

Wearing a binder that is too tight for you, which causes any pain at all, could harm you. Please make sure your binder fits properly!

If you have been wearing your binder for over 8 hours we recommend taking a break. Please wear a larger size for exercising.

If you are under 18 do not wear a binder for over 6 hours and please wear a larger size for exercising.

Do not sleep in your binder.

Please do not ignore pain, discomfort or irritation. If you experience any of these please take a break from binding for 24hrs and remeasure yourself and consider a larger size.

We have found that Hormone Replacement Therapy can change the shape of your body. So you may need different sizes of binders over the course of your transition or if you gain or lose weight for any other reason.

If you have any medical conditions (e.g. skin issues, arthritis etc) then please get your doctor's advice.

Mermaids one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities has some great advice on wearing a binder in hot weather as well as lots of other advice.

For additional advice on sizing, feel free to send us an email at uktransshop@gmail.com