Our Binders

Underworks is a store with a great reputation for binders and supplier to the medical market in the USA. We wanted Underworks binders to be available in the UK via a locally based trans run business.

Economy binder both in short and long. (these are a good binder for someone who needs something affordable and/or is buying their first binder.)

Tri-top binder this chest binder offers extreme compression to achieve a flat chest. This style is one of Underworks most popular binders because its compression level is extreme.

Swimwear - we have found having a dedicated swim binder that is easy to take off, allows people to have confidence to swim and lasts longer than a regular binder when used in the sea or a pool.

Post-surgical is easily clipped on and off from the front after having top surgery. This stops the wearer needing to lift their arms over their head while their chest is healing.