Extreme Magicotton Sports Binder - Black

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This Extreme Magicotton Sports Binder is a great binding option for when you are exercising, or if you are new to binding. It offers slightly less compression than a traditional chest binder. It's also an excellent option for young teens or those who want a binder that looks like a traditional sports bra.

This style has a very stiff underneath band, so if you have a proportionally small ribcage compared to your chest size, this crop may not work for you. I recommend that you try the Underworks Econo Short Binder instead.

Compression level: Medium
Material: 46% Cotton / 32% Spandex / 22% Nylon

How to measure: Pull the measuring tape around your ribcage, just underneath your chest. Make sure the tape is running straight and level around your body. When noting the measurement, round to the nearest whole inch and apply it to the sizing chart.


 Sizes Chest (Inches) Chest (cm)
S 32 81
34 87
L 36 91
XL 38 97
2XL 40 102
3XL 42 107
4XL 44 112

Care: Wash on a gentle cycle or hand wash with warm or cold water. Dry flat or hang out, no need to iron.

Safety Notice
Wearing a binder that is too tight for you, which causes any pain at all, could harm you. Please make sure your binder fits properly! For safety reasons, although we recommend chest measurement please also pay attention to your rib measurement, for example, if your chest measurement is a smaller size than your ribs, the larger size may be best for you to give your ribs more room to expand. See my 'Binding Safely' page.

For additional advice on sizing, feel free to send me an email at uktransshop@gmail.com